Tools & Hardware

Jiangsu GTIG Huatai Industrial Tools Commodity Company, attached to JiangsuGTIG Huatai Co. Ltd, mainly deals with hand tools, agricultural garden machinery, daily necessities and costumes, as well as the production and trade of thousands of different commodities. We also have self-owned brands such as TOPKING, PAINTINGPRO, GREENWORLD, DOLLARDAY, AUTO CENTRAL, UNICLEAN, COMFORT HOME, CHEF MASTER, NATURAL CARE, OFFICE MARKETWARM WIN and so on.

We have more than 10,000 source suppliers, 1,000 of whom are closely cooperated manufacturers, as well as about 30 joint-stock manufacturers. We also have more than 500 overseas customers all over the world such as in America, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, the UK, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Australia as well as Middle East and Southeast Asian countries and areas. We have established long-term stable cooperation with clients like WALMART, TARGET, DOLLAR TREE, DOLLARAMA, PMS, POUND LAND, JES and the annual value of trade reaches 50,000,000 dollars.

Now Jiangsu GTIG Huatai Co. Ltd Tools Commodity Branch has 10 different business teams respectively specialized in hand tools, garden machinery, painting tools, individual protection, household cleaners and clothes, and we are also equipped with professional QC, merchandisers and d0cument operators. We have office space of 2,000㎡, sample room of 3,000㎡ and warehouse of 5,000㎡.

Taking customer demand into account and based on product properties, quality, quantity and delivery time required by customers, we provide the best manufacturing plant and professional service team for customers with one-stop service including product development, production(follow-up control of quality and delivery time), logistics transportation and after-sales service. Welcome new and old customers to our company for visit and cooperation. 

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- General Manager:Billy Qiu
- Fax:+86-512-58696643

Machinery Branch

Jiangsu GTIG Huatai Co. Ltd Machinery Branch is an exporter specialized in hand tools, hardware fitting and consumer goods. We have different professional teams.

Sales Department: can fully understand the internal needs of customers, and work out quick and complete solution based on the specific market demand.

Research and Development Department: can analyze the pictures and samples sent by customers and accordingly arrange design and production. Besides, they can also provide professional improvement suggestions and technical support according to their exprience and production practice.

Devision of Appearance Design: according to the customers’ request, they provide design of appearance molding and color of the products as well as package design and other visual effect design.

Purchasing Department: we have teams experienced in products and market to offer stable supply of goods with high cost performance.

Quality Inspection Department: have a complete supplier comprehensive assessment system to ensure the production quality and delivery time.

d0cument Storage Department: can offer transportation and storage service  as well as relevant d0cuments timely and accurately.

All the departments work and cooperate explicitly and efficiently, providing customers with professional and efficient service.

Our goal is to supply ideal solution to meet the personalized demand of customers.

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- General Manager:Xu Bin
- Fax:+86-512-58696929