Textile & Garment

Textile & Garment Branch mainly deals with fabric and garment export, and the products are exported to Europe and America, Russia, Middle East, South Africa and Southeast Asian countries.
Our company is the direct supplier for WAL MART and our products have been certified by many European and American customers, such as WAL MART, TARGET, GAP/OLD NAVY, KOHL'S, JC PENNY, ZARA and BSCI.
Our garments mainly include knitted children's clothes, Chemical fiber knitted sportswear, woven pants, coats and fashionable dress.
Woven fabric includes polyester spring yarns, polyester peach skin, memory cloth, suede fabric, polyester-cotton composite yarn, nylon and dacron without the gall-spun flannelette, as well as 3 in 1TPU compound fabric.
All kinds of interwoven fabric, elastic fabric, coated fabric with various functions and woolen fabric.
Knitted fabric includes polar fleece, Shu Velveteen, super soft and bodkin; fleece, terry fabric, blue cloth, velvet, and dacron/spandex sports jersey.

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- General Manager:Xu Xiongfei